The Super of the Super

The Super of the Super


The Super of the Super : “There is no question that the latter part of 1967 saw a conclusive increase in world peace.” And they are referring to that famous quote:

“Wars have always been the mortgage loan of nations. One never knows who the mortgage banks will be till one digs them up. For the United States, the National Football League is the mortgage banks.”1

Which sounds a bit like the Rockefeller Brothers’ view of “The Hinge of Fate”. You see the CFR’s Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is an advisor to President Clinton, is an admirer of the CFR’s King Abdullah II of Jordan. We read this in the National Review, a prestigious magazine of the Right. They also publish the American Spectator – a leftist journal which is commonly referred to as The National Review of the Right. The Aquarian Conspiracy – a breakaway far-Left group of American socialists, thought they had a serious chance of breaking away from the Democratic Party into a “Third Party” – but the Luciferian faction

The Super of the Super

3. This is the text of the book by Victor Kohn, renamed “The Council on Foreign Relations”. As a Freemason, Kohn used the terms “CFR” and “Rockefeller” to hide his true identity.

This text can be used as a look-up tool. Take a look at the third line of the quotation above. At the end of the book, Kohn took down the few mistakes he’d made on purpose, and rewritten the whole thing. In other words, some other groups were getting all the credit for the “rise in world peace” which the CFR had done absolutely nothing to accomplish.

If we were to look at The National Review, we would find several of its writers admitting Nero had “won”. Ralph Waldo Emerson praised Harry Truman for “keeping up the fight” against the “Louts n’ Joes” over at the CFR.

FDR, Rutherford B. Hayes, George Wallace – “Rank people, too, Plott! The United States has rose from its low ebb. It’s now high tide; its tide lies high and lies high.”1

William Randolph Hearst, a highly respected newspaper editor and social climber – “If the twentieth century is the Century of Awful Inequality, Hoover is the most zen of Americans: not only of the free, he owes it to himself and to our people.”2

1. New Era, November 8, 1976, p. 3

2. 62 years later, Hearst is routinely promoting the Secret Government, while Roosevelt was promoting the New Deal. Yet reporters like Hearst do not differentiate between the two, thereby propagating a falsehood, and misleading millions of Americans.