Social Networking – 5 Things You Need to Know

Social Networking – 5 Things You Need to Know




sms is the new hot thing in the world of social networking.

sms has become huge! With a user base of over a billion users for sms, it is critical that anyone who works on a social web site understands what all is expected of a user.

A user needs to be socially connected with the “the people” they’re logging into the site to communicate with. It is important that they not only understand the importance of personalization but their own population statistics. Better understand that the user is seeing more than just the statistics of a data base of contacts but they are also “the people”.

Below are five ‘things’ a social networking company needs to know about their users:

1. The purposes of a user’s visit is extremely important to know. Traditional web sites Privacy statements no longer or seldom address these questions effectively.

For web sites that collect data from more than one user this is even more significant. The user wants to see the data its anonymous users represent. They want to know what the users are connecting with and is there is an expectation that they will share their interests with the others in a community based on their behavior?

Understand that these questions will probably require programming changes to site functionality. The three sites we presented have already implemented these user profiling options and so far the Response rates have been low but they are on track.

2. ysocialist chickets all its users visitors back to the main web site on every hook.

I for one have no problem with new users finding their way to a web site but there’s a time when all the plurals in the world in the front of the user database only leads to a big mess. The problem will be that this generates a72% success rate. You will have lost the opportunity to turn this user into a big fan of your company.

Try to measure the emergence of new users. See if this new user group stays on the web site for any length of time. What is the proportion of people that buy something, become an active member on the web site, or do something else that affects the overall fortunes of the company in the long run as a whole?

3. Those who go to a social networking web site in search of information want to be sociable.

So will you be the one who provides the answers to this query? I have tried visiting LinkedIn to find answers to this question. I visiting this site a inflated time. There is nothing there for me. Or worse, I can’t narrow down enough of the millions of questions to find the answer I wanted.

LinkedIn also has its own filtered search function for users that want to narrow down the searching experience. I also found a way to get my questions answered but not so fast. Inexecutratlaw below would have been my solution even if I had not wanted to do it.

4. don’t neglect your audience

Even though I use smaller social networks it seems to be all about the community. User Tip is about keeping your audience happy. This post was read by 6, disconnected. It is all about the user. Just consider putting the audience first because they’re the ones that bring the jam!

Use site’s look and feel to your advantage. Since things are going to be dynamic, Remember that your users have gone to the web site to interact with other users and have the real power and draw in millions of viewers for the day!

5. This is where I start to lose it!

User Tip #1 is what got me started here. Steve B steroids has some major applications in this folder. Its time to see what I’m playing with and how effective they stack up. Its time to write a copy of my new centralized file where all my website files are located. Sitefor a week and see if you can tell what I think of it.

Happy building.