Top 3 Wall Street Job Interview Tips for Introverts

What’s one thing introverts struggle with the most?

Interacting with strangers in a public setting. And unfortunately, that’s what most job interviews look like. Introverts face many challenges that others might not deal with during the job interview process – although interviews are nerve wracking for everybody involved.

Don’t psych yourself out before your next interview. Give yourself a boost of confidence and a better peace of mind by following these top 3 tips for interview success. 

Tip 1: Get familiar with your strengths

Before you do anything else, take a moment to sit back and admire your strengths. You have a lot of experience, and there is so much that you can bring to the table. You definitely want to show your interviewers all of your accomplishments and skills that make you the best fit for the job position.

You can help calm your mind and focus your energy by getting reacquainted with all you have done. Thoroughly study your resume and look at what relevant skills can be related to the job requirements. Do you meet all of the qualifications listed on the job posting?

Take as much time as you need to review your skills and strengths. By the time your scheduled interview arrives, you will be feeling much more confident and ready to take on the world. 

Tip 2: Use your natural listening skills

Most introverts are known for their ability to be great listeners and observers. If you think that introverted people have no place in the corporate world, think again. You can actually use a lot of your talents and natural skills to push you to the top of the list of contenders. Use your listening skills to really hear what the interviewer has to say.

As an introvert, you’re obviously a great listener but you need to dial that quality up to 11 if you want to get a job on Wall Street.

Also, if you need help on what you should do and how you should present yourself at these interview, is a great resource that you should check out.

There’s a difference between listening and active listening. Make sure that you maintain eye contact with the one speaking, and respond with a smile during your interview. Put your listening skills to use later on when you are asked questions about the job – or when they ask if you have any questions for them.

You can also use body language to help you be a better active listener. One thing you might want to do is be mindful of how you’re sitting. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact, and try not to fidget. Observe the qualities that make people appear confident rather than disinterested. Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression! 

Tip 3: Use the OWN system to really nail your skills and ace your next Wall Street interview

If you still have trouble gaining confidence after practicing your listening skills and studying your strengths, there’s a system you can use to give yourself a better peace of mind.

It’s called the OWN system. Here’s how you can OWN your next interview:

  • Open your mouth. This means you shouldn’t hesitate to speak up or ask questions about the job position. This is especially true if you have relevant questions to ask or you want to speak to a certain skill or experience you have. 
  • Work your main points in early. If you have prepared something you want to say, make sure to say it near the beginning of the interview, rather than waiting for the end. Studies show that interviewers are more likely to remember the beginning of an interview than the middle or end of it. 
  • Never psych yourself out. Everyone is afraid of looking dumb or answering a question the wrong way. But if you get into your head, you can’t maintain confidence as easily. 

Use this system to better prepare yourself for your job interview and build confidence by recognizing your own strengths.