How to Prepare for an Investment Banking Interview

Landing an investment banking interview is an achievement in itself, and you should applaud yourself for making it that far. If you’re looking to nail the interview and impress your potential employers, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

If you are newly graduated and looking to make a career move in the world of finance, there are ways that you can prepare yourself for your interview with the investment banking firm of your dreams. This goes beyond just knowing how to sit, dress, or act; knowing the fundamentals of the job you want and understanding what the firm has to offer can be incredible insights.

Consider the following preparation tips so you can feel more secure about your future.

1. Know Your Technical Concepts

It may be worthwhile to brush up on your fundamental knowledge before entering your interview. While a lot of the key concepts you’ve learned in school may still be fresh in your head, don’t act overconfident. Your interviewers will certainly ask a number of technical questions that refer to the fundamentals of investment banking.

Make sure to refresh yourself on key statements such as:

  • Profit and loss
  • Cash flow
  • Balance sheet
  • Financial ratio analysis

It’s important to remember the important formulas so you can calculate ratios on the spot. In some cases, an interviewer may even ask you to calculate some statements right then and there.

2. Prepare Personal Answers Ahead of Time

It is not uncommon for a financial investment firm to ask you the simple question, “Can you tell me more about yourself?”. This is a tried and true strategy employed by many interviewers to get a true sense of who you are. In a lot of ways, this is the question that can make or break your chances of success with the entire interview. Use this as an opportunity to impress them. This is your turn to do the talking. Mention your education, work experience, networks you’re connected with, your ideal traits, and your ultimate goals.

It may even be beneficial to ask questions to your potential employers as well. Research the company ahead of time and ask specific questions about your job role and team values.

3. Stay Up to Date on Economic News

The financial world is constantly evolving and updating. It is critical that you keep up with the latest economic happenings so you can be equipped with the best tools to propel your career forward. Knowing what’s happening around you is the only way to be best prepared for your interview.

Take note of what’s happening on the news. Sign up for financial updates and think about what this news means to you. It’s possible that your interviewers will ask about certain current events, and what your opinions and proposed solutions are. The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times are great places to start.

Prepare for Your Future in Investment Banking!

Job interviews can be daunting, especially when you aren’t sure what your potential employers are going to ask. That’s why it is important to brush up on your interviewing skills as well as your knowledge of the investment banking world. Coming prepared is the best thing you can do for yourself and for the job interviewers. You don’t ‘need to know everything, but you do need to know some crucial key fundamentals. When you are prepared and confident, it can make a world of difference. 

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