6 Questions you’ll be asked in a Hospitality Interview

If you are looking to secure a job in the hospitality industry, you should be well prepared for an interview. While most job interviews follow a similar format, they stand out from each other in specific ways. For a hotel interview, there is a specific set of questions that you should expect. Make sure you’re prepared for the following:

1. Why are you interested in This Job?

The interviewer here seeks to know why you applied for that specific position. In most cases, the interviewer will be searching for a long-term employee. For that reason, your answer should be a reflection of your desire for long-term employment. This question gives the interviewer an idea of whether or not you are serious about the opportunity.

2. What Roles and Responsibilities do you Think Come with This Job?

This is another expected question that tells the interviewer whether or not you really know what the job entails. It further reveals whether you’ve read the advert or were just interested in the pay. The advert always has a layout of the roles and responsibilities of a job–so you should always look over it before you get to your interview. Click here to check out some of the best interview tips out there in audio format.

3. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?

This question is tricky. The terms by which you leave a job are not always pleasant. You might have been sacked or resigned on account of salary or conflicts with leadership. While honesty is a quality they could be looking for, stay positive. Claim you need new challenges or that you wish to make bigger advances in your career.

4. Why do you think you are the Best Candidate for this vacancy?

The interviewer will want to hear more about what edge you have over other candidates. Let them know what other life skills you have that may come in handy while on the job.

You can state your versatility and compatibility within different facets of the job. Being multidimensional is considered a skill.

5. Why do you want to work in this hotel?

Here the employer will want to know why you chose to apply for a vacancy in that specific hotel. This question will let the interviewer know whether your interest in the job is purely based on pay or not. As such, you can only answer it if you have done your homework and researched the hotel. 

Before the interview, visit the hotel’s website or search for any information about the hotel on the internet. Know their mission, vision, and culture. Armed with that information, you can always claim the hotel’s culture and mission are things to be revered, and that you would like to be part of it.

6. How long do You Expect to Work with Us?

Hospitality employers are only interested in employees who will give them long-term commitments. There is a lot of training before you are fully incorporated into the team, and they might not be willing to waste their resources on you if you will not be around for long.

Before you walk into a hotel interview, be well prepared. Ensure that you do extensive research and can answer these questions when it finally comes time to meet the hiring manager.

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