5 Tips for Writing the Best Investment Banking Resume

In today’s market, standing out amongst the crowd is more important than ever. This is especially true in the world of investment banking.

Having the best resume can set you miles apart from all of the other applicants at the bank of your dreams. You’ve worked hard to establish a career in this field, and you are looking forward to accelerating your success. One of the best ways to guarantee this career for yourself is to start out with a stellar resume.

The first step is to understand who’s going to be looking at your resume. On average, recruiters spend 6 seconds reading resumes. That means you only have a short amount of time to make an outstanding first impression.

Is this possible?

Yes, it is!

Here are the top 5 tips for making the best investment banking resume ever.

1. Give Bankers the Info They Want

Every industry has its own set of requirements and qualifications that they value the most in a new employee. In the world of investment banking, they are looking for four things in particular:

  • Your GPA
  • The name of your school
  • Any relevant work experience
  • The special trait that makes you unique

These four points must be placed prominently on your resume, so it’s the first thing the recruiter sees.

2. Ask for Insider Input

Before you submit your resume to the bank of your dreams, get ahold of someone who is already in the industry and ask them to take a look at it. Many investment bankers landed their first positions in real investment banking careers because they had some friends in banking. Email your resume to professionals you can trust, and ask them for guidance. If you don’t know anybody in banking, you can always get in touch with someone who interned or taught in the field.

3. Write for a Junior Banker

Write with a junior banker in mind. This is an individual who runs a busy schedule and is involved in many stressful situations. You know they may only have a few minutes to review your resume. Make their jobs easier for them with a single-page resume that only highlights your most important, impressive, and relevant features. Making it easy for the banker will definitely work in your favor.

4. Hand In Your Resume in Person

It’s all-too-easy nowadays for a company to accept resumes online, preventing you from having to walk into the building to apply. And while some larger corporations gate all hiring activity behind a website, this is not always the case with investment banks. Whether they also use a website, it will make a bigger impression to hand in your resume in person. Find a banker that you know through your connections or even someone you’ve only heard of by name, and hand-deliver your application.

5. Check and Re-check Your Work

The most successful resumes are those that have been thoroughly edited and proofread. Nobody gets everything perfect on the first try. Give yourself plenty of time to read your resume over and over again to make sure everything looks right. A helpful tip is to print out your resume while you make edits, instead of just reading it on your computer screen. It’s easier to catch mistakes that way. Read aloud if you must, making sure it sounds like a winner.

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